2016 Categories: compare and contrast

Compare and contrast the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards categories for 2016.

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Most Innovative Highway Authority Scheme of the Year

Sponsored by Tripod Crest

Awarded to the highway authority whose approach and innovation has allowed them, within the last two years, to develop a scheme that delivers measurable and sustainable benefits to the community and the authority.

Site Safety Initiative Award

Platinum sponsorship Dynniq

Awarded to any organisation for a new initiative, development or scheme to raise awareness of the dangers facing personnel whilst working in the highways environment. This can be achieved through the use of new technology and/or worker/driver education and training to demonstrate improved health and safety awareness.

Highway Partnership Award

Sponsored by WJ

Awarded to an organisation or highway authority that has driven or can demonstrate a collaborative approach designed to increase the benefits for society or its local community.  This should be demonstrated by key performance indicators which test the robustness of the partnership and the positive outcomes.

Road Marking Project of the Year

Sponsored by RSMA

Awarded to an organisation or highway authority, including joint submissions with the client and marking contractors/manufacturers, that has implemented a scheme or project which has improved road safety or network efficiency by making a significant improvement to road markings as a substantial part of the scheme. Other initiative and innovative ideas used in the scheme will be considered. The scheme must have been implemented within the past two years and have sufficient statistical evidence of its success.

Team of the Year

Sponsored by SKANSKA

Awarded to a team of employees who has undertaken exceptional work within the public or private sector to improve/sustain the outputs or efforts of their organisation, over and above their general working activities.
The award will recognise innovative and professional achievement that has had considerable impact on the organisation such as cost savings, team building, efficiency or safety.

Highway Industry Product of the Year

Sponsored by Shell Bitumen

Awarded to the organisation which has brought a product or service to the market that has initiated a “change of thought” approach or technique which has made an impact on the highways industry through sustainability, efficiency, and cost savings for example. The product must been developed and made available for use in the highways industry within the last three years.

Award for Environmental Sustainability in the Highways Sector

Sponsored by Total Bitumen

Awarded to an organisation, highway authority or partnership that is able to demonstrate consideration of environmental issues within a project. The project should improve sustainability in the highway environment such as: carbon footprint reduction; local environmental benefits; sustainable material use; reduction of CO2 plus involve community liaison and consultation.

Road Safety Scheme of the Year

Sponsored by Mac Surfacing

Awarded to an organisation which has introduced a scheme or project where through whatever means, such as innovation, design, use of relevant technology or brought about change in public attitude, has influenced a demonstrable reduction in road casualty statistics. This applies to a reduction or potential reduction in cycling accidents, pedestrian accidents or better safety measures for disabled road users, as well as drivers.

Major Project Award

Sponsored by Tarmac

Awarded to the team responsible for the successful delivery of a major project – i.e. bridge construction, highway widening, by-pass or junction improvements, establishment of a control centre or similar, taking into consideration time, costs, environmental impact, stakeholder involvement, feedback and user satisfaction. The project value needs to be above £5 million and should have started two years prior to the awards.

Award for the Best Use of New Technology in the Highways Industry

Sponsored by Jacobs

Awarded to an organisation or local authority which can demonstrate that they have or are making a significant improvement to the highways industry through the implementation of new technology, this could be new software, innovative equipment or an ITS solution. The technology should have been deployed or have been on test for at least 12 months prior to entry with clear evidence of its benefits by deployment on one or multiple schemes.

Highways Maintenance Efficiency Award

Sponsored by Kier

Supported by the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP)

Awarded to a local authority highway maintenance service, team or partnership which has developed and implemented a transformational approach to service delivery, resulting in service improvement, measurable cost efficiencies and benefits to the road user.
Open to all authorities in the highways sector, regardless of their level of engagement with HMEP.

Apprentice of the Year

Sponsored by the IHE’s National Highway Engineering Academy

Awarded to an individual working in the highways industry for the first time who has made a considerable contribution in the workplace. The individual will have been committed to successfully achieving a personal challenge which he/she has been working towards in their place of work with a view to progressing his/her career development. Candidates can be from a formal apprenticeship or a side step into a new area of work or new to the industry at any level.

Judges’ Special Merit Award

Sponsored by MVIS

At the end of the judging process, the judges review all the entries which have impressed them the most. They consider the benefits to society as a whole, the improved safety to all road users or workers and the positive impact on the industry. The one entry which excels all the others in these areas wins this prestigious award.

There is no need to enter for the Judges’ Special Merit Award as all submissions in the above categories automatically are considered.