Apprentice of the Year 2016

2016 winners

Liam Owen

Liam Owen has excelled during his apprenticeship at Tarmac and developed technical skills on automated technology that have delivered significant financial savings for the company.

Judges’ comment:

Particularly impressed with how Liam became a valuable member of the Tarmac team within a short space of time


We are pleased to announce that the following are runner ups for the Apprentice of the Year 2016 award:

Sam Hill

R&W Civil Engineering
John Kalyviotis

The Award for Apprentice of the Year 2016 is awarded to an individual working in the highways industry for the first time who has made a considerable contribution in the workplace. The individual will have been committed to successfully achieving a personal challenge which he/she has been working towards in their place of work with a view to progressing his/her career development. Candidates can be from a formal apprenticeship or a side step into a new area of work or new to the industry at any level.

  • Briefly describe how their notable contribution has been made?
  • What learning was required and explain his/her attitude and behaviour throughout the learning process? Please detail any obstacles he/she faced and overcame.
  • How did he/she excel during the learning process and was their personal goal achieved?
  • How has his/her training benefitted the team, the employer and the industry overall?
  • Finally, please upload a summary document.