Highway Industry Product of the Year 2016

2016 winners

The Dragon Patcher

Skanska’s Dragon Patcher is waging war on the defects that are plaguing the surface of our UK roads. Delivering more for less.

Judges’ comment:

The Dragon Patcher brought immediate efficiency and safety benefits to the industry. It eliminates the need for a separate inspection and repair function


We are pleased to announce that the following are runner ups for the Highway Industry Product 2016 award:

Barrier Master

A-one+ Integrated Highway Services
M621, M180, M18 Sculpline LED Gantry Lighting

Awarded to the organisation which has brought a product or service to the market that has initiated a “change of thought” approach or technique which has made an impact on the highways industry through sustainability, efficiency, and cost savings for example. The product must have been developed and made available for use in the highways industry within the last three years.

  • Provide at least one year’s demonstrable results in terms of maintenance and safety.
  • Describe the depth of innovation included in the development of the product, including the challenges met and the obstacles/difficulties overcome.
  • What are the environmental benefits of the product and the contribution it makes towards the industry, its stakeholders and society?
  • Give details on the quality of the product in terms of value for money and its success at meeting its objectives.