Road Marking Project of the Year 2016

2016 winner

Clearview Intelligence Ltd, Transport Scotland,
BEAR Scotland, Edinburgh Napier University, Amey
A720 Sheriffhall Roundabout; Lane Transgression Mitigation
with the Intelligent Road Stud

This collaborative project to design and implement an innovative intelligent road stud scheme has been independently proven to reduce vehicle lane transgressions on roundabouts.

Judges’ comment:

The developed solution is transferable to numerous other sites throughout the UK



We are pleased to announce that the following are runner ups for the Road Marking Project 2016 award:

Hitex International Group
And Coventry City Council

20mph zones and TexPrint Roundel
In-laid Road Marking Scheme

Belfast Bicycle Infrastructure Project – Scheme 1

WJ Group and Costain
M1 Junction 28-31 Smart Motorway

The Road Marking Project of the Year 2016 will be awarded to an organisation or highway authority, including joint submissions with the client and marking contractors/manufacturers, that has implemented a scheme or project which has improved road safety or network efficiency by making a significant improvement to road markings as a substantial part of the scheme. Other initiative and innovative ideas used in the scheme will be considered. The scheme must have been implemented within the past two years and have sufficient statistical evidence of its success.

  • Outline the objectives of the scheme and how they were met.
  • Provide evidence of the safety benefits to the highway authority and road users.
  • Provide details on the standard and innovative quality of materials/products in terms of quality and value for money.
  • Give details on any client/supply chain partnership that contributed to the scheme.
  • Outline the overall impact on the environment.