Road Safety Scheme of the Year 2016

2016 winners

Transport Scotland
A9 Interim Safety Plan

The A9 Safety Group’s strategy comprises engineering, education and enforcement measures designed to improve driver behaviour with the over-riding objective of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured.

Judges’ comment:

Number of fatal casualties down by 25%, number of fatal collisions down by almost 59%


We are pleased to announce that the following were runner up for the Road Safety Scheme 2016 award:

Vaisala Ltd
Reduction in Number and Severity of Accidents –
using a non-invasive road surface condition sensor
and VMS to modify driver behaviour through speed reduction

The Road Safety Scheme of the Year 2016 will be awarded to an organisation which has introduced a scheme or project where through whatever means, such as innovation, design, use of relevant technology or brought about change in public attitude, has influenced a demonstrable reduction in road casualty statistics. This applies to a reduction or potential reduction in cycling accidents, pedestrian accidents or better safety measures for disabled road users, as well as drivers.

  • What road safety issues required addressing and what challenges were overcome?
  • Provide any contributing factors to the overall success of the scheme.
  • What are the impact and benefits of the scheme on overall road safety in an area, city or town?
  • Show evidence of value for money or first year rate of return.