Site Safety Initiative Award 2016

2016 winner

Highways England

Managing Fatigue in the Workplace

At Highways England, health and safety is our number one imperative. In May 2016, Highways England, supported by Atkins, published policy and guidance on managing fatigue in the workplace.

Judges’ comment:

The project offers significant health and safety and financial benefits, including increased productivity and reduced employee absenteeism



We are pleased to announce that the following are runner ups for the Site Safety Initiative 2016 award:

Tarmac Safety Cross

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald
EZiCat – Improving Safety in Area 10

Colas Limited
Remote Controlled Traffic
Management Access Gate
(also known as Readi-Guard)

The Site Safety Initiative Award 2016 will be awarded to any organisation for a new initiative, development or scheme to raise awareness of the dangers facing personnel whilst working in the highways environment. This can be achieved through the use of new technology and/or worker/driver education and training to demonstrate improved health & safety awareness.

  • What is the impact of the initiative on safety during the previous 12 months?
  • Outline the originality and aims of the initiative and outcomes.
  • What is the role of the initiative within the company’s / authority’s corporate health & safety management policy?
  • Detail the steps taken to engage all stakeholders – including site staff, contractors & road users.