Highway Partnership Award 2015 shortlist


Shortlisted for 2015

Bristol City Council, Bristol Water, Wessex Water, Wales & West Utilities, Western Power Distribution & Virgin Media
Bristol Code of Conduct for street works and road works

AECOM Waterman & Midland Highways Alliance
MHA Professional Services Partnership

Seven Dials Trust, London Borough of Camden, Westminster City Council, Corporation of London, Historic England (as English Heritage), Shaftesbury PLC & Mercers’ Company.
The Covent Garden Community Lighting Partnership

Northamptonshire County Council and KierWSP
Northamptonshire Highways

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The Highway Partnership Award 2015 will be awarded to an organisation or highway authority that has driven or can demonstrate a collaborative approach designed to increase the benefits for society or its local community.

This should be demonstrated by key performance indicators which test the robustness of the partnership and the positive outcomes.

  • Outline the objectives of the partnership and how they have been measured to demonstrate delivery.
  • What are the benefits to the partnership in terms of improvements, in performance and in financial terms both tangible and intangible?
  • Give details of any obstacles overcome and methods used to identify achievements required and the deliverable timescale.
  • Explain how the partnership maybe developed further and what the long term benefits of the partnership are.

Last year’s winners

Aggregate Industries UK Ltd, Kier, Surrey County Council and Marshall Surfacing
Project Horizon Partnership

A key partner on Project Horizon, Aggregate Industries has collaboratively developed optimal pavement solutions to deliver highway material longevity for Surrey County Council’s roads.

Judges’ comment:

An innovative, sustainable scheme which focused on key performance indicators. This scheme made great cost savings.

What the winners had to say…

It’s fantastic, absolutely amazing. We’ve waited so long to get this Award – three years of work and we finally got there.

I think it’s pretty innovative because we didn’t just look at a first tier, we looked at the whole supply chain… Actually seeing the whole supply chain as equal rather than just the old client/contractor relationship and that makes quite a difference particularly, currently when money has been tight.

It’s been a tough year with the floods last winter. I think this year has really brought the team together and I think [winning this Award] will really motivate the team for the next six months and beyond. So it will make a really big difference.