The judging process

The judging process is made as fair as possible while at the same time being simple and clear for each judge to follow.

Starting with the simple entry form and clear guidelines as to how much information can be submitted and what that information should be, each entry is then scored in the same way by each individual judge.

The answer to each criterion is awarded a score out of 5. The total score is then multiplied by the correct figure in order to get a final score out of 100.

The table below outlines the scores.

ScoreTermTypical Characteristics
0UnacceptableNo response or extremely limited response. Show limited understanding or inappropriate understanding of required response
1PoorLimited response. Is lacking in a significant proportion of required response
2SatisfactoryReasonable response. Demonstrates reasonable understanding or approach to criteria
3GoodDemonstrates high standard and exceeds in one or two respects of criteria
4Very goodDemonstrates very good standard of response and exceeds in a number of respects of criteria
5ExcellentExtemporary response, exceeds expectation in all respects of criteria

The entries with the highest scores in each category then go through to the next judging stage. Usually the 4 or 5 highest scoring entries go through and these are all discussed at a meeting with all the judges present.

At this meeting the judges decide the short list and the ultimate winner of each category.