Most Innovative Highway Authority Project/Scheme of the Year 2015 shortlist

Most innovative 2

Shortlisted for 2015

A-one+ Integrated Highway Services & Highways England
Area 12 Biomass Harvesting

London Borough of Waltham Forest
Mini-Holland in Waltham Forest – The Walthamstow Village Trial

Kier & Surrey County Council
Project Safety Defect

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The Most Innovative Highway Authority Project/Scheme of the Year 2015 will be awarded to the highway authority whose approach and innovation has allowed them, within the last two years, to develop a project or scheme that delivers measurable and sustainable benefits to the community and the authority.

  • Detail the approach to the innovative element of the scheme and highlight the areas of best practice.
  • Explain the challenges met and obstacles overcome.
  • What was the impact of the activity on the community locally or at large?
  • Explain the approach taken to demonstrate the degree of collaborative working and stakeholder engagement.

Last year’s winner

Connect Plus and Jackson on behalf of the Highways Agency
Maurer Joint Replacement Scheme

An innovative over-ramp system has been designed for the QEII Bridge at Dartford, enabling movement joint replacement whilst allowing uninterrupted traffic movement for road users.

Judges’ comment:

An innovative technique which had been carefully considered and well organised in a time critical situation. This scheme also had transferable benefits.

What the winners had to say…

The scheme was to replace the maurer joints on the QEII bridge and the innovation was to use the temporary ramping system to be installed on the bridge to allow the continuous flow of traffic over the bridge whilst we were carrying out the works overnight.

I was really pleased that the judges recognised the uniqueness of the scheme and the unusual circumstances. The QEII bridge is one of the largest spanning bridges in the country with large joint movements within the structure itself.

Hopefully [our innovation] can be replicated around the country and help others in how they can deliver their own schemes, reduce impact and improve safety for the travelling public and the workforce.

These Awards give us oxygen to be more and more innovative and look better and better…