Dynniq (under the Imtech brand) has sponsored the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards for a number of years now; we feel it is important for our industry that we recognise and celebrate what we do to support society and our futures. If we don’t share our good work and demonstrate support to our own industry, we cannot expect others to either. Safety is critical to all that we do in the environments in which we work. Dynniq itself has teams working on roadside technology nationwide and as an industry we have thousands of our people working on our roads every day.

Imtech had been working as part of the consortia delivering the National Roads Telecommunication Services (NRTS) since 2005. In December 2014 Imtech itself achieved 1 million safe working hours over a 54 month period on the NRTS project.  As the teams work across England’s motorway network, they are faced with the dangers of the high speed road environment on a daily basis; reaching the 1 million hours was an important achievement and demonstrates the focus on health and safety. We continue to share best practice across our business and support the development of new technologies that remove or at least minimise the need for on-road activities.

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