Shell Bitumen

One of the most popular categories, where the entries are quite diverse, is the Highway Industry Product of the Year, platinum sponsored by Shell Bitumen.

This category is open to any organisation which has brought a product or service to the market that has initiated a “change of thought” approach or technique which has made an impact on the Highways Industry through sustainability, efficiency, and cost savings for example. The product must been developed and made available for use in the highways industry within the last three years.

The judges are looking for something that has really made a difference to the highways industry through innovation and clever thinking which is why the category appeals to Shell Bitumen.

Emma Mallinson, Cluster Marketing Manager UK, Ireland & Norway, Shell Bitumen, says:

The last few years have been some of the most challenging for our industry therefore we believe it is increasingly important to recognise excellence and innovation in highways which in turn supports economic growth.

Shell Bitumen are also striving to improve their products through innovation. For example, Shell Bitumen Low Temp (LT) is a finished binder solution for manufacturing asphalt at lower temperatures*. It’s formulated to enable you to create a workable mix up to 30°C lower than those required for conventional binders for the production of hot mix asphalt, so helping reduce your heating costs.


For queries or further information, contact Carole at or telephone (01732) 459683.


* Comparison with conventional binders for the production of hot mix asphalt.