Total Bitumen

Total Bitumen has over 40 years experience in the UK market. We offer an extensive product range, added-value service, constant innovation and product development. We aim to meet current and future customer expectation providing sustainable and durable solutions.

  • Kromatis – Clear binder for coloured asphalt.
  • Total Styrelf – Total Bitumen’s PMB solutions that meets the emerging markets needs with specific grades for particular applications
  • Emulsis – Bitumen emulsions for recycling, cold mix asphalt, bond coats & surface dressing
  • Azalt – Pen bitumen and the ECO2 range of bitumens, low-temperature binders for asphalt mixes; and Azalt Foam, a specific binder for foam-mix processes

We consider sustainability, durability and lower working temperatures as the 3 cornerstones for our ongoing development.

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