Road Marking Project of the Year 2015 shortlist

Road Marking

Shortlisted for 2015

Quality Marking Services Ltd.
A50 DBFO Network Area 28 – QMS LifeLine™

Transport Scotland
Temporary Road Marking on M74/M8 during the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow

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The Road Marking Project of the Year 2015 will be awarded to an organisation or highway authority, including joint submissions with the client and marking contractors/manufacturers, that has implemented a scheme or project which has improved road safety or network efficiency by making a significant improvement to road markings as a substantial part of the scheme. Other initiative and innovative ideas used in the scheme will be considered. The scheme must have been implemented within the past two years and have sufficient statistical evidence of its success.

  • Outline the objectives of the scheme and how they were met.
  • Provide evidence of the safety benefits to the highway authority and road users.
  • Provide details on the standard and innovative quality of materials/products in terms of quality and value for money.
  • Give details on any client/supply chain partnership that contributed to the scheme.
  • Outline the overall impact on the environment.

Last year’s winners

East Ayrshire Council & Rennicks (UK) Ltd
A719, Innovative Use of Solar Active Road Stud Technology

East Ayrshire Council have been working with Rennicks to improve Road Safety on the rural A719, south of Waterside, East Ayrshire, using Solar Active Road Stud Technology.

Judges’ comment:

A high profile scheme using the latest technology in road studs to make a considerable improvement to road safety.

What the winners had to say…

To win the Award is to get recognition from seasoned professionals who have looked at our proposition and given it the stamp of approval and we couldn’t ask for anything better to be honest.

As a council, we were prepared to work with a producer of a product which was still in its infancy but could prove real good results. Now that the product is in place, we have a 100% reduction in accidents… so we are absolutely delighted.

I think the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards is absolutely fantastic for the highways industry… always creating a positive at the end of each financial year. This Award not only has a good impact on East Ayrshire Council locally but it’s always a good recognition for the national way that road stud technology has moved forward in the UK.