Road Safety Scheme or Project of the Year 2015 shortlist

Road Safety Ennis Flint

Shortlisted for 2015

City of London and J B Riney & Co Ltd
Holborn Circus Casualty Reduction Scheme

Carnell Support Services Ltd

EM Highway Services Ltd (now part of the Kier Group)
A590/A5092 Junction Greenodd, South Cumbria

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The Road Safety Scheme or Project of the Year 2015 will be awarded to an organisation which has introduced a scheme or project where through whatever means, such as innovation, design, use of relevant technology or brought about change in public attitude, has influenced a demonstrable reduction in road casualty statistics. This applies to a reduction or potential reduction in cycling accidents, pedestrian accidents or better safety measures for disabled road users, as well as drivers.

  • What road safety issues required addressing and what challenges were overcome?
  • Provide any contributing factors to the overall success of the scheme.
  • What are the impact and benefits of the scheme on overall road safety in an area, city or town?
  • Show evidence of value for money or first year rate of return.

Last year’s winners

Nottinghamshire County Council and Vysionics
A614 Casualty Reduction Scheme

This is a Road Safety Remedial Scheme to reduce the number of fatal and seriously injured accidents that have occurred on a major road in Nottinghamshire.

Judges’ comment:

Effective reduction in speeds through the use of SPECS enforcement resulting in excellent casualty reduction figures.

What the winners had to say…

Sonia Hurt, Nottinghamshire County Council:

It’s an absolute honour to be able to accept the Award on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council.

I think the fact that [our scheme] has been extremely successful in reducing casualties on the A614 and the fact that it was innovative, and there were a lot of ‘firsts’ in the scheme that hadn’t actually been utilised elsewhere in the country.

In a 5-year period we had 289 casualties. Since the scheme has gone in … we’ve had no fatalities and the overall percentage in terms of reduction has been exceedingly high.

[The Highways Magazine Excellence Awards are] extremely important because I think it’s at a time when we are all very vulnerable and it’s all about partnership working and moving things forward, being innovative and creative and I think it just helps to raise the profile of what we do today.