Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS)

The Judges’ Special Merit Award is selected from one of the 12 category winners and is sponsored for 2016 by Mobile Visual Information Systems (MVIS) Ltd.

At the end of the judging process, the judges review all the entries which have impressed them the most. They consider the benefits to society as a whole, the improved safety to all road users or workers and the positive impact on the industry. The one entry which excels all the others in these areas wins this prestigious award.

There is no need to enter for the Judges’ Special Merit Award as all submissions in all categories are considered automatically.



An industry leader in the creation of temporary ITS solutions, MVIS develops systems designed to help the UK’s road network to operate safely and efficiently.

In partnership with Intellicone temporary work zone safety system creator, Highway Resource Solutions, MVIS is leading the way in the development of new integrated solutions to enable the traffic management sector to better protect its workforce.

In September 2014, the partnership launched the first temporary road maintenance safety portfolio to integrate modular electronic perimeters with variable message signs (VMS).

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