Road Safety Markings Association

For many years the Road Safety Markings Association has championed the use of markings as a low cost, yet effective, way of saving lives on the UK’s road network.

In 2015, with the investment pledged by government into our network, we have a once in a generation opportunity and obligation to really ensure that the money is spent in a sensible manner.

This year the RSMA are championing ‘What Safe Looks Like’ both in terms of specification and the product which our contractors lay upon the roads.

That is why we are proud and honoured to sponsor the Road Marking Project of the Year award at the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards.

As the trade body that represents the companies who strive to deliver marking over and above the recognised standard. We believe that this award represents an opportunity to celebrate those who go the extra mile in the delivery and installation.

Whilst not exclusively for our membership, the award allows the highway sector in general to recognise the efforts of individuals who have gone over and above normal expectations in order to deliver a project, not just on time or budget, but also one which provides tangible benefits to road users; day in and day out.

As an association we hope that this award will help in the recognition of the role markings play in ensuring a safe road network for everyone who uses it, but also will assist in defining ‘What Safe Looks Like’ for today and beyond.

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